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Weather Winner So Far in FPS/Precision Plot

Weather Winner So Far in FPS/Precision Plot
Wet fields delay analysis.

This section should be filled with pictures of how various corn stands look depending upon how they were planted. It was to be a review of what we've learned so far in the 2011 version of the Farm Progress/Precision Planting plots. They're done in cooperation with the Tippecanoe Extension Service and Throckmorton Research Center, a Purdue farm near Romney.

There are no pictures because it hasn't been dry enough to get the counts! Every time we get ready to count, it rains! But we will get the data. And we expect it to show differences.

When Pete Illingworth of the farm crew planted at 7 miles per hour, he noticed skips and doubles on the 20/20 Seed/Sense monitor. Adair Unger, of Unger Farms, who works with Precision Planting's Meter Max to adjust units for your family farm and for other farmers, says speed can definitely become an issue. Some tweaking can be done, but as a farmer goes too fast for the planter, differences will show up.

Last year the main difference discovered was that at 4,5 and 6 miles per hour, there are significant differences in how accurate the seed drop is, but they were all so accurate that it didn't affect yield. The 7.0 planting speed was added to push the limits and hopefully see some differences.

The goal this year was to plant two times. That happened, but both were about two weeks later than desired each time, about May 20 and June 10. Water has already affected part of two reps on the first planting, since heavy rains fell after the crop emerged.

We will get those counts made soon. When we do, look for updates on the Website.

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