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Do You 'Wear' Agriculture Proudly?

Do You 'Wear' Agriculture Proudly?

We're not talking about the cotton in your jeans or the food on your shirt from lunch.

It is no secret that I love social media. The other day while washing a hog barn I whipped out my phone and took a picture of my manure-covered Carhartts and boots with the description, "Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to promote agriculture without wearing it?"

But washing a hog barn leaves lots of time for one's mind to ponder things, so I got to thinking: do we wear agriculture proudly?

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My 'Felfie' while washing hog barns: Take a picture of yourself proudly wearing agriculture!

People are constantly posting pictures of equipment, livestock and tool sheds, but what about the people, those who literally wear livestock and the land on a daily basis? Farming is a dirty job – very seldom do you spend a day working on a farm that you are not wearing it.

I know my shower and washer wishes there were just one day where no one brought agriculture home on their clothes and body!

The farm selfie 'felfie'

There is a new thing called a "felfie" happening on social media.  It is a "farm selfie" where people take pictures of themselves doing farmwork, with their livestock, running a tractor or washing a hog barn.

One of my time favorite sayings is "In spring, at the end of the day, you should smell like dirt," by Margaret Atwood.  Smell like it; dump it out of your boots and pockets; wash it off your face and hands; and at night when you lay down you look forward to doing it all again.  But don't forget to take a picture!

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It is becoming increasingly important not only to defend our livelihoods but to show consumers who we are.  I don't necessary recommend showing up to get groceries wearing your "agriculture" proudly, but post a picture of yourself now and then. Consumers want to know we are just like them and we want them to know that it isn't always easy, but we love what we do!

Wear your agriculture proudly!

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