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USDA Reports Will Fine-Tune Crop Watch Contest Guesses

USDA Reports Will Fine-Tune Crop Watch Contest Guesses
USDA zeroes in on state yields, giving you a better feel for what's to come.

Once you see the September USDA crop estimate for your state, you're ready to participate in the 2012 Crop Watch contest by submitting your final estimate of state yield. The contest is sponsored by Seed Consultants, Inc. The company is providing bags of 2013 seed to those who come the closest to guessing the October estimate for your state.

That report will be released on October 11. It will be based on conditions reported by field enumerators in late September and very early October.

SHORT EARS: This is no normal year. Ears are shorter than they should be. Share your guess of the October USDA state corn estimate and be eligible to win seed.

Enumerators visit the same plots in the same fields originally picked at random before the year began. Some fields may be harvested by the time enumerators make the visit ahead of the October report. That may depend upon yield potential and rainfall in the area.

The original goal of the contest was to guess the yield of the Crop Watch '12 field featured in the magazine and here on the Web. Since the yield is highly variable across the field after drought and heat conditions affected each of five soil types, the decision was made to ask you to guess the October state corn yield estimate issued by USDA instead.

Find the official form for entry in the September and/or October issues of the magazine. Or simply email your guess to [email protected] in Indiana or [email protected] in Ohio. Include your name, email, address, and number of acres you raise of each main crop. Entries not containing all of this information may be disqualified.

One entry per family, please. Seed Consultants, Inc. will award eight bags of seed to the first place winner, six bags to second and four bags to third in each state. In case of ties, the winner will be selected by drawing. Email entries must be received by 11:59 p.m. on October 10. Entry forms placed in the mail must be postmarked by October 10. Happy guessing!

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