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USDA Approves New Formulation of Pulmo-Guard Vaccine

USDA Approves New Formulation of Pulmo-Guard Vaccine
BRD vaccine reformulated to be safer for young calves and more syringeable

USDA recently approved the use of the newly formulated Pulmo-Guard PH-M, a vaccine used in preventing bovine respiratory disease caused by Mannheimia haemolytica and Pasteurella multocida.

This AgriLabs vaccine is made with a low-reactive, water-soluble adjuvant, which the company says is easy on animals and offers exceptional effectiveness.

"M. haemolytica and P. multocida, which are normal inhabitants of the nasal passages in most healthy calves, are two of the most damaging and costly pathogens responsible for BRD," says Adam Yankowsky, AgriLabs business unit manager for livestock products.

BRD vaccine reformulated to be safer for young calves and more syringeable.

Researchers conducted field studies on Pulmo-Guard PH-M, and found minimal swelling at the site of vaccination and no adverse reactions, the company says. About one-third of the calves studied were 30-day-old Holstein calves.

The researchers reported no calves missed a bottle post-vaccination, showing ease of use on young calves, says Roger Winter, AgriLabs technical services veterinarian.

Research on 2-month-old beef calves challenged with M. haemolytica showed those vaccinated with Pulmo-Guard PH-M had 80% fewer lung lesions and lower mortality than non-vaccinated calves.

The new formulation is available now in 10-dose and 50-dose packages.

"Producers should work with their veterinarians to determine what is best for their herd-health programs, knowing that USDA approval of PULMO-GUARD PH-M gives them another tool for BRD protection," Yankowsky says.

Pulmo-Guard brand vaccines contain a leukotoxoid and cellular-surface antigens of M. haemolytica and P. multocida.

For information ask your veterinarian, see your regular distributor or go to AgriLabs website.

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