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Upgrade your door with new kit

Upgrade your door with new kit
Schweiss Doors offers new 'Build Your Own Door Kit'

The Schweiss hydraulic door has long been a popular item and now the company offers a system that allows you to build your own hydraulic doorframe "without sacrificing the Schweiss quality and unique design features we offer," according to a company announcement. The company claims the do-it-yourself kits can save a customer thousands of dollars.

According to the announcement the company realized "the great demand" for Schweiss hydraulic door design and figured out a way for customers willing to weld their own steel doorframes together to purchase major hydraulic components properly sized for Schweiss doors.

Schweiss hydraulic door kits come with heavy-duty cylinders and spherical bearings, new wrap around hinge design with grease zerks, a compact factory pre-wired hydraulic pump and more. Cus- tomers can now save thousands of dollars on delivery costs and have the satisfaction of building their own door.

 The key challenge to overcome for the Build Your Own Door Kit was development of a hinge that comes preassessembled, prewelded and is robust in design. Schweiss designers came up with a unibody hinge design that wraps around the steel doorframe members. It includes a first-of-its-kind hydraulic hinge with grease zerks where hinges can be lubricated from inside the building.

The kit includes a complete set of new design heavy-duty end and center hinges with grease zerks, a factory wired Red Power hydraulic unit and all the seals necessary to provide a weather-tight door. The company also came up with Schweiss Hydraulic Design Software that, combined with door components, allows a user to manufacture the steel doorframe with the door components - making it user friendly.

You can learn more about the kit by visiting or call 507-426-8273.

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