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Unverferth's Xtreme offering isn't your daddy's grain cart!

Unverferth's Xtreme offering isn't your daddy's grain cart!
Unverferth's 1317 grain cart features a dozen options so you can design the best equipment for your farm.

Unverferth's model 1317 grain cart is a behemoth, capable of holding 1,325 bushels. The Xtreme series also includes the 1117 and 1017 models. What's new is a multi-directional downspout, featuring a funnel design with 60 degrees of fore/aft rotation and in/ out maneuverability.

Company spokespersons say that's a big deal because you can now top off a load more precisely, without splattering corn off the top of the truck onto the ground or roadway. You can not only move the spout side to side, but can also move it in and out, giving greater control.

Huge cart: This Unverfeth grain cart looked even bigger in an indoor farm machinery show.

There's no truth to the rumor that Unverferth personnel brought the giant cart to the National Farm Machinery Show like a Lego set. However, it might not have been hard to get someone to believe that.

The spokesperson quipped that he bet he could convince someone they brought it in like an erector set and put it together. The cart was huge in the low-ceiling building that is the West Wing of the Kentucky Exposition Center.

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So how did they get it into the building? "Very carefully!" the spokesperson quips. There wasn't a lot of headspace clearance. They weren't able to unfold the auger because of the height limitations as they would at an outdoor show. However, that left the spout at chest level, allowing customers to get a feel for the moving parts that allow it to move forward and backward and side to side. These parts give the spout maximum flexibility if you're trying to fill a truck or grain wagon full without letting grain overflow.

To learn more contact Unverferth, Kalida, Ohio, call 419-532-3121, or visit
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