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United Ethanol Settles Air Quality Suit

United Ethanol Settles Air Quality Suit

Wisconsin firm does not claim liability but pays.

United Ethanol has agreed to a $700,000 settlement for an air-quality complaint filed by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources against the company's ethanol plant in Milton, Wis.

"We're not interested in spending the excessive amount of money it would cost to litigate the case. So, we entered negotiations with the Department of Justice and agreed on the $700,000 settlement," said president and chief executive officer David Cramer. Although United Ethanol did not claim liability in the signed stipulation and order for judgment, they did agree to provide the WDNR with an environmental compliance audit report, annually, for the next three years.

In a statement from the company, United Ethanol said during the last few years, several changes have been implemented at United Ethanol. “The new regenerative thermal oxidizer is performing as expected, and tying in the CO2 scrubber stack and process vent gas scrubber stack into the RTO (as suggested by a third-party consultant from ICM, Inc. to assist with odor issues) is also working out well.

United Ethanol, incorporated in 2005, is a 42 million-gallon-per-year ethanol production facility located in Milton, Wis. In addition to producing ethanol for fuel, distiller’s grain for animal feed, and capturing carbon dioxide for use in the food processing and beverage industries, United Ethanol incorporated corn oil extraction in January, 2011. Corn oil from United Ethanol is shipped out for use in biodiesel production.

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