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'Udder Truth' campaign promises edgy content to promote dairy

'Udder Truth' campaign promises edgy content to promote dairy
Dairy checkoff's 'Udder Truth' campaign will address common consumer questions and myths about dairy

Dairy Management Inc., which manages the national dairy checkoff on behalf of America's dairy farm families and importers, this week launched "The Udder Truth," a series of videos and edgy content designed to address common consumer myths.

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The Udder Truth is a continuation of the checkoff's consumer confidence work to help protect and grow public trust in dairy farmers, products and the industry, particularly among millennials, DMI said.

"We care about our cows and our animals as much today as we ever have," says Joe Kelsay, Whiteland, Ind., in the Udder Truth "animal care" video.

"This effort is unlike anything the checkoff has ever done before," said Paul Rovey, chairman of DMI. "It's critical that we tell our story in new ways such as The Udder Truth to capture the interest of the next generation. We need to make sure they know the true story of where their food comes from."

Videos, partnership with 'The Onion'
A three-part video series features farmers debunking common myths such as antibiotics, animal care and "big ag." The videos will be available online and promoted through social media.

To ensure the videos reach millennials, DMI is partnering with The Onion, a satirical "news" site that is popular with this audience. Onion writers will publish content that interjects humor into the absurdity of dairy myths, and redirects readers to get the truth from dairy farmers at

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Dairy farmers, manufacturers, co-ops and other industry players are promoting the video series to help set the record straight about dairy. It includes three main videos currently: Big farms (shared below), antibiotics and animal care.

Acres and Avenues
A second checkoff-led consumer confidence initiative, "Acres and Avenues," will be unveiled this fall to continue the conversation and help consumers reconnect with farmers.

Acres and Avenues will deliver a cultural exchange/job shadow opportunity between farmers and millennials who share a common value such as commitment to environmental stewardship and sustainability. The video series is hosted by travel and food blogger Jax Austin.

Source: DMI

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