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Two Steps Forward, One Step Back For Ethanol

Two Steps Forward, One Step Back For Ethanol

SD Corn "pleased" by E15 labels for fuel pumps, but "concerned" about wording.

The South Dakota Corn Growers Association is pleased that the Environmental Protection Agency has issued labels for fuel pumps that will dispense E15 but continues to have concerns about the wording.

The new labels advise motorists that they may use a 15% ethanol blend in vehicles that are 2001 models or newer. However, the label also warns that use in older vehicles, boats or other equipment may cause damage.

"The SDCGA supports the use of a label, but we are concerned that it implies that E15 could be harmful to older vehicles. Still, this label is less confusing than the EPA's original one and we're appreciative that the agency listened to the comments of farmers and ethanol producers in revising the label," says Gary Duffy, SDCGA's president. "We believe motorists will find E15 to be a wise choice when they fill up at the fuel pump."

The EPA in January approved use of 15 percent ethanol blends in vehicles that are 2001 models or newer. The agency based its decision on testing and analysis showing that those vehicles could continue to meet emission standards if operated on E15.

Lisa Richardson, the SDCGA's executive director, says widespread use of E15 would have huge benefits nationally.

"We look forward to giving consumers more choice, and this one more option to support a renewable fuel that's made in America and provides many thousands of jobs," Richardson said.

E15 blends must be registered before they can be sold.

Source: SD Corn Growers Association

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