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Two families from opposite ends of Indiana featured at state fair

Two families from opposite ends of Indiana featured at state fair
Farmers for Indiana State Fair's Year of the Farmer program come from all over the state.

Dean and Anita Stumler know a thing or two about pumpkins. Their family will be honored as the Year of the Farmer host family at the Indiana State Fair on Saturday, Aug. 15. They will make the trek to Indianapolis from Fredericksburg in Washington County, down in southern Indiana.

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Tell the story: LuAnn and Tom Troxel will represent dairy farmers at the Indiana State Fair in the Year of the Farmer program this weekend.

They will represent pumpkin growers as the diverse parade of Indiana agriculture continues in the Year of the Farmer program. The program is sponsored by Dow AgroSciences, who helped develop it as a tribute to Indiana farmers, and to help showcase what farmers do to the nearly million fairgoers who will visit the Indiana State Fair by the time it closes on Aug. 23.

The Stumlers also raise corn and soybeans, but pumpkins are their big crop. They raise them to sell wholesale, and haul them out of the field by the truckload, Dean says. If you meet what looks like a school bus with the top cut off filled with boxes of pumpkins on a road in southern Indiana this fall, it might well be carrying pumpkins to market from the Stumler farm.

Sunday belongs to the dairy industry, represented by Tom and LuAnn Troxel. They farm on the other end of the state, near Hanna in LaPorte County. The Troxel's operate a 140-cow dairy.

Tom is also a veterinarian. LuAnn's mission is preaching the story of how they produce good quality milk for consumers to drink. She likes to tell the story whenever she can, and she should get plenty of opportunities serving as the Year of the Farmer host family on a busy Sunday at the Indiana State Fair.

The family will have a live chat with fair-goers in 2:30 p.m. EDT in the Glass Barn sponsored by the Indiana Soybean Alliance.

See a full list of family farmers and links to their stories as they appear on the Indiana Prairie Farmer website: Indiana Soybean Alliance's Glass Barn will feature 'Year of the Farmer' hosts

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