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Turns Out Rain Reporting Service Is Alive and Well

Turns Out Rain Reporting Service Is Alive and Well
Company still servicing customers, now all across the country.

You may have read here last fall that a rain reporting service that bases its information off sophisticated techniques involving weather radar would likely not be offered in 2013. While the article was written in good faith based on information available at the time, it turns out it was inaccurate. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

The company is MyRainReport. Their Website is The company exhibited at the National Farm Machinery Show at Louisville in February and is actively signing up customers.

You can sign up through the Website. It also offers contact information if you have questions about the service.

Rain monitoring company still servicing customers, now all across the country.

Using the rain reporting service, you can obtain data on a daily basis for locations on your farm or distant fields wherever you specify. It can save trips to see whether or not it rained at a farm that could be 10 or more miles away. Such information can be helpful in planning out daily or weekly planting activities during the upcoming season.

Part of the confusion originated because they offered MyRainScout through Beck's Hybrids for the 2011 and 2012 crop seasons. Beck's Hybrids is no longer associated with the service. However, Rain Scout company representative Palmer Pope says they are working to assist former customers to sign up again for this year. Feedback from customers who used the service was generally positive.

Pricing scenarios are different than what was used with offered through Beck's Hybrids. The pricing information and how to sign up your fields or farm is spelled out on the Website. You can expect daily and monthly reports.

You have the flexibility to select the service that meets your needs and budget under the current system, Pope says. To get a closer look at how the system might benefit your operation, check out their website. Be sure to contact them directly with any special questions.

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