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Try Your Hand At End Of Year Crops Quiz

Try Your Hand At End Of Year Crops Quiz
Are you smarter than a high school 4-H Or FFA student?

The state 4-H and FFA crops contest is Dec 10. Many area contests are being held soon. One part of crops judging is to answer questions about crop production.

Here are sample questions FFA members get on a test to answer. See how many you can get right. Answers are at the bottom, so check yourself. And no, students don't get the answers!

1)Roots are different from stems as roots do not have (never have)

            A)nodes and internodes b)xylem c) phloem d) rhizobia

2) The disease gray leaf spot likes which of the following environments

         a) warm, wet   b) warm, dry  c) cool, wet  d) cool, dry

3) Corn smut is caused by

            a) virus   b) bacteria  c) fungus   d) insects

4) Stolons and lateral stems will help you recognize which clover?

            a) White clover  b) Red clover  c) Crimson clover  d) Alsike clover

5) Of the following plants, _____makes its own nitrogen

            a) corn  b) alfalfa  c) soybean d) ryegrass e( b and c  f) a and d)

6) Corn growth is most dependent upon and based upon

            a) day length  b) temperature c) light intensity  d) moisture

7) The same hybrid planted June 1 vs. May first can mature how many GDDS faster

a) none    b) 50   c) 100  d) 200

8) to raise the pH from 6.2 to 6.6, you would probably want to spread

            a) ammonia   b) potash  c) limestone  d) phosphorus

9) What is the growth stage of a soybean plant if it has begun to seed 3 mm long in a pod in one of the uppermost nodes on the main stem?

            a) R2  b) R5  c) V4   d) R10

10) Of the following, ______is a herbicide product name

            a) Roundup b) Monsanto c) Glyphosate  d) Pigment inhibitor

11) Of the following, _________is an active ingredient

            a) Roundup  b) Monsanto c) Glyphosate d) Pigment inhibitor

12) The largest family-owned seed company in the U.S. is

            a) Pioneer  b) Mycogen C) Beck's Hybrids d) Stewart Seeds

13) Of the following, _____bu/acre would be typical yield for corn in the Eastern Corn Belt

            a) 155  b) 40   c) 344  d) 400

14) Of the following, ______bu/acre would be a typical yield for soybeans in Indiana

            a) 20     b)30      c) 45     d)65      e)110

15) Corn stored too wheat is most likely to suffer

a) Ergot               b) Weevil  c) Heat damage   d) Purple seed stain

16)  If drift is a concern, use a _________nozzle

            a) Flooding flat  b) hollow cone  c) flat fan  d) Even flat fan

17) The part of the corn kernel that is alive

a) pericarp   b) endosperm  c) coleoptile  d) embryo

18)  A black layer at the tip of a corn plant taken form an ear of corn in early September indicates

a) drought         b) weevil damage   c) black-tip corn d) physiological maturity

19)  A gallon is a ______unit of measure

a) volume   b) linear  c) area d) volumetric

20) What point in corn development does the growing point emerge from the ground

            a) V5  b) V13  c) VE   d) R2


Answers: 1) A  2)A 3) C 4) A 5) E 6)B  7)D  8)C  9) B 10) A 11)c  12) c  13)a  14) c 15) c

            16)a 17)d 18) d 19) d 20) A
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