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Top Dakota Corn Yield: 294 bu/a

Top Dakota Corn Yield: 294 bu/a

Eastern South Dakota farmer produces the most bushels and the contest entry wasn't irrigated.

Yields of 294.9213 and 266.0231 bushels per acre topped the 2013 National Corn Growers Yield Contest in South Dakota and North Dakota, respectively.

Scott McKee, Alcester, had the 294.9213 bushel per acre entry in South Dakota. He produced it in the no-till/strip-till non-irrigated division. He won with a Pioneer variety. Riverside Farm, Huron, had the second highest overall yield in South Dakota with 293.1249 bushels per acre entry in the irrigated division. His also was a Pioneer hybrid.

South Dakota and North Dakota entries in the 2013 National Corn Growers Yield Contest were impressive. Photo: Pioneer.

Cody Frauenberg, LaMoure, had the top yield in the the contest in North Dakota. His entry in the strip-till irrigation division was 266.0331 bu/a. He entered a DeKalb hybrid.The Frauenbergs had second and third highest yields in the cotest with 265.1435 and 263.1815 bushels per acre in the strip till irrigated and the irrigated divisions.

State winners by division (listed by rank, name, town, hybrid, brand number and yield) are:

North Dakota

1 Donna Frauenberg, LaMoure, DeKalb, DKC46-20, 263.1815 bu/a
2 Sundale Farm, Milnor, DeKalb, DKC50-77, 255.1630 bu/a
3 H&K Farm, Oakes, Pioneer, P9917AMX, 237.3448 bu/a

* Donna Frauenberg, LaMoure, Pioneer, P9917, 260.3748 bu/a
1 Mark Gorder, Wahpeton, Pioneer, 9917, 243.2210 bu/a
2 Travis/Shannon Bergh Farm, Havana, DeKalb, DKC49-29RIB, 235.9842 bu/a
* Sundale Farm, Milnor, DeKalb, DKC46-20, 234.1554 bu/a
3 Jamie Gorder, Wahpteon, Pioneer, P9917, 227.2695 bu/a

No-Till/Strip-Till/Non-Irrigated -- North Dakota
1 Frauenberg Farms #1, LaMoure, DeKalb, DKC42-72, 260.7080 bu/a
2 Bobby Frauenberg, LaMoure, DeKalb, DKC43-48, 259.7953 bu/a
* Cody Frauenberg, LaMoure, DeKalb, DKC 43-10RIB, 258.7953 bu/a
3 Chase Carlson, Oakes, DeKalb, DKC46-20RIB, 235.8275 bu/a

Strip-till irrigated
1 Cody Frauenberg, LaMoure, DeKalb DKC46-20, 266.0231 bu/a
* Fauenberg Farms #1, LaMoure, Pioneer, P9917, 265.1435 bu/a
* Bobby Frauenberg, LaMoure, Pioneer P9305AM, 260.1317 bu/a
2 Ralph Mewes, Hope, DeKalb, DKC43-10RIB, 203.0887 bu/a
3 Randy Mewes, Hope, Dekalb, DKC43-10RIB, 202.1127 bu/a

South Dakota

Riverside Farms, Huron, Pioneer P0533XR, 293.1249 bu/a
Missouri River Farms Inc, Yankton, P1151AM, 267.0300 bu/a
Clarence Waldner, Frankfort, Pioneer, P0448AMX, 265.6608 bu/a

Strip-till irrigated
1 Lower Brule, Ft. Pierre, DeKalb, DKC63-07, 288.6959 bu/a
* Riverside Farms, Huron, Pioneer, P0533XR, 280.6569 bu/a
2 Lower Brule Farm Corp., Ft. Pierre, DeKalb, DKC61-16, 272.4355 bu/a
3 Breeding Farms, Chamberlain, DeKalb, DKC62-97, 264.8505 bu/a

1 Jeffery Fliehs, Groton DeKalb, DKC48-12RIB, 264.1750 bu/a
2 Kroupa Pukwana Cattle, Pukwana, DeKalb, DKC62-97, 262.7299 bu/a
* Jeffery Fliehs, Groton DeKalb, DKC52-61RIB, 258.4715 bu/a
3 Greg Van Zanten Colton, DeKalb, DKC53-56, 249.1419 bu/a

No-Till, Strip-Till/Non-Irrigated
1 Scott McKee, Hawarden, Pioneer, P1151AM, 294.9213 bu/a
2 Dwight Fickbohm, Akron, Pioneer, P0876AM, 270.7174 bu/a
* Jeffery Fliehs, Groton, DeKalb, DKC46-20RIB, 258.0874 bu/a
* Jeffery Fliehs, Groton, Pioneer, P8-07HR, 231.9638 bu/a
3 Boekelheide & Sons Inc., Northville, DeKalb, DKC53-56RIB, 229.9673 bu/a

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