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Top 10 reasons To Come To The Farm Progress Show

Top 10 reasons To Come To The Farm Progress Show

'Top 10' reasons why to see the 'greatest show on earth.' The Farm Progress Show will be held Aug. 30, 32 and Sept. 1.

Why should David Letterman have all the fun? Here's our own 'Top 10' list of reasons for coming to Decatur, Ill., to see the 'greatest show on earth.' Just like Letterman, we'll save the best for last.

So sit back and smile a bit. Who knows? You might actually learn something about the show. Learning anything seldom happens while watching 'The Top 10 List' on Letterman's show.

Reason # 10- You won't have to listen to people chatting about Casey Anthony or Rupert Murdock. Instead, you'll rub elbows with some of the most wholesome, hardworking people in America.

Reason # 9- You can leave your gum boots at home! Nearly all streets are paved, and lots are graded so that water runs off into storm drains. More and more exhibitors have covered their lots with gravel.

Reason # 8- Give grandma and grandpa a reason to keep the little tikes overnight. Why not enjoy a couple days with your spouse, checking out the latest technology at the Farm Progress Show, kid-free. Doesn't that sound romantic?

Reason # 7- You're bound to run into someone you know! The Farm Progress Show is the great meeting place in the Midwest on Aug. 30, 31 and Sept 1. People tell us every year that they run into someone they haven't seen for years, maybe since college.

Reason # 6- Meet a real, live Farm Progress editor! Wow! Can you stand the excitement? Farm Progress editors and support staff man an information booth in the Hospitality Tent, Fifth and Central, during show hours. Stop by and share an idea or two for a story.

Reason # 5- Experience a farm show without portable toilets! You've got to experience what it's like to go to an outdoor farm show with real, flush toilets.

Reason # 4- Drive a tractor bigger than you ever dreamed of owning! Several companies operate ride-and-drive areas for potential customers. You will find every gadget imaginable on these tractors.

Reason # 3- Dine on fine cuisine! The Farm Progress Show menu evolves. It may not match The Beef House in Indiana or the Machine Shed in Iowa, but you're guaranteed immediate seating…because there is none! It's standing room only.

Reason #2- No more worries about rushing home to harvest crops! Moving the show up from the traditional late September dates has swelled the crowd with folks just like you, farmers interested in new technology.

And the # 1 reason to attend the 2011 Farm Progress Show- There is simply no better, more informative working, cutting-edge farm show in the world. This is the one where companies often choose to make special introductions at during the show. Why rely on what your neighbor comes home and tells you? Come see for yourself.

See you in Decatur!

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