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Too Many Ag Regulations?

Too Many Ag Regulations?

The South Dakota Department of Agriculture is conducting a survey as part of Gov. Dennis Daugaard's administration's "red tape review."

The South Dakota Department of Agriculture is asking for feedback from farmers, ranchers and others in the agriculture about the rules and regulations that affect them.

"In response to Gov. Dennis Daugaard's Red Tape Review, the department is conducting an online survey to obtain input from the South Dakota agriculture industry on rules and regulations that affect it," said Agriculture Secretary Walt Bones. "We invite all of those people involved in the agriculture sector to take the survey. This is your state Department of Agriculture, and we want to know how to better serve you," says Walt Bones, South Dakota secretary of agriculture

Do the bureaucrats at the capitol in Pierre, S.D., have too many ag regulations? Is the ag staff hard to work with? The South Dakota Department of Agriculture wants to know what you think.

The survey is part of Gov. Dennis Daugaard Red Tape review.

According to the governor's office, state  agencies identify more than 200,000 words of regulation in over 400 sections of code that could be repeated.

The Department of Environment and Natural Resources identified 188 sections; 132 pages, and 37,852 words that the state could  repealed to make its rules and regulators simpler.

The Department of Social Services identified 64 pages of duplicative or outdated rules, some dating as far back as The Department of Corrections has identified an entire chapter of the state code that has not been used since 1996.

The Bureau of Personnel has identified 99 sections of the state code that can be repealed.

The Department of Public Safety has identified 31 sections of code, representing more than 1,500 words of regulation that can be repealed.

The Department of Labor and Regulation has identified 32 sections of code, totaling more than 4,000 words of regulation to be repealed.

In a release from his from office Gov. Daugaard said, "It's my goal to get rid of laws and regulations that are not needed and are a burden on South Dakotans. I want to compliment my Cabinet and staff for doing their best to conduct a very successful review of red tape

Examples of the type of cuts as part of this program include "outdated banking provisions, burdensome insurance regulations, redundant measures governing the construction and inspection of burial methods, and information that was collected to obtain federal funds that no longer are appropriated."[1]

See the survey here.

 Source: SD Department of Agriculture

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