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Time to Turn Good Ideas Into Practice for Next Year

Time to Turn Good Ideas Into Practice for Next Year
If you learned something at harvest, act on it now

Look closely at the picture of this combine moving across the soybean field. Yes, harvest is over for the most part, but if you learned a lesson at harvest, or saw a gadget in action at a neighboring farm or found one on the web or in a story, now is the time to take action on it. Figure out how to make it work on your farm next year.

So what do you see in the picture? Yes, there are trains in the background. Jeremy Henry was combining in a field bordering a railroad track near Connersville when we snapped this photo. That's not what is unusual here.

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Look, honey, no dust! There is dust coming out of the rear of the combine, but the device over the throat of the head is capturing most of the dust generated at the front of the head.

Yes, there are yellow boxes on the edges of the grain head that you don't see on most heads. In fact you may never have seen these dry fertilizer boxes mounted on a soybean head before. Henry rigged it up so he could sow cover crops as he combines. Limited on labor because he works off the farm, he wanted to accomplish two jobs at once.

That's still not we're talking about. It's what you don't see that counts here. You see dust behind the combine. But where is the dust in front of the cab? Over the soybean head itself. That's usually where you see the dust. Sometimes it gets so thick when the soybeans are very dry that the window needs to be cleaned once in a while so you can see.

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Henry uses an add-on dust removal system that takes most of the dust out of the picture where he needs to see – in the width of the head.

There's nothing new about the device. It was on the combine when Henry purchased it. But here's the point: if you aren't using this technology, ask yourself why not. Is it something that could make your life a little easier next harvest?

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