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Time to Guess Corn Yield and Enter Crop Watch '14 Contest

Time to Guess Corn Yield and Enter Crop Watch '14 Contest
Crop Watch 2014: Here's a final clue you may find useful to fine-tune your yield estimate.

Crop Watch '14 contest entries are due September 15. You can find an official entry form in the August or September issue of the magazine. Or you can enter by email.

All you have to do is guess the final yield of the field we've talked about all summer in dry bushels, to the nearest tenth of a bushel. First, second and third place winners will receive 8, 6 and 4 bags, respectively, of Seed Consultants, Inc. seed corn for 2015. Previous winners of any prizes in the Crop Watch contest are not eligible. We will only accept the first entry from any individual household. You can only enter once.

Crop Watch 8/25: Corn Ears at 45 Degrees or More During Grain Fill - Good or Bad?

Rains continue: This field may not be in the garden spot of the world, but it has had ample moisture, and early in the season almost too much, moisture all year long.

Here's a final clue that you might want to consider. Heading into August yield potential seemed to be in the 175 to 225 bushel per acre range. That's a big range for a reason – the field has not been scouted aerially, and the entire field has not been walked. The only yield estimate is from the end rows where corn was planted at 30,000 seeds per acre.

Most of the field, planted by variable-rate planting, was dropped from 32,000 to 34,000 seeds per acre. The yield estimate on the end rows was right at 200 bushels per acre. There are a couple of water spots, but there is corn there, and they are very small.

Crop Watch 8/22: Certain Things You Find in the Corn Field Are Not a Big Deal

Since the first of August the field has received about 2 inches of rain, more or less. Most of it came after the milk stage. So if you were wondering if kernels would fill to reach potential depth and plumpness, well, make up your own mind. While temperatures were in the high 80s for highs last week, nighttime temperatures were still generally in the 60s. Many nights this summer they have been in the 50s.

Draw your own conclusions. Send your entry to: P.O. Box 247, Franklin, IN 46131, or email to: [email protected]. Entries are due postmarked by Sept. 15, or must arrive by 11:59 p.m. EDT by email on Sept. 15.

Happy guessing!

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