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Thrills, Spills and Pranks Highlight County Fairs

Near-miss Tractor pull accident gets scary in Greene County.

County fair season is still in high gear, but it will soon wind down as eyes turn toward the Indiana State Fair. The Indiana State Fair opens in Indianapolis on Aug. 8 and continues through Aug. 19. The Indiana State Fair plans to expand to a 17-day run, but not until 2009.

Meanwhile, reports filtering in from county fairs indicate another big year of fun and fellowship. For some, it's the only time they see old friends during the year. For the kids, there's livestock showing and making pies, but there's also the Midway.

One of the most eventful fairs this year so far must have been the Greene County fair. Kerry 'Goose' Graves reports regularly, and recently shared two events from the fair.
Classify the first one under 'good old boys having a good time down on the farm- or at the fair,' as the case may be.

It seems that county fair board president Tim Egnew had a little trouble getting to his pickup truck when he got ready to head home recently. And even once he got to it, he had trouble going anyway. His 'friends,' including fellow board members, dug out a trench all the way around it, and filled it with water. It was a truck on an island, or the only pickup in Indiana with its own personal moat. Tim's father, Harry, is a long-time farmer in the area.

"We have a blast here," says Graves, also a fair board member. "But we always get the necessary work done. I always worry about things but they always turn out OK. We all pull together."

Speaking of pulls, as in tractor pulls, there is one during the Greene County Fair. This year's event featured an incident that almost didn't turn out OK. Graves, working as a flagman on the track at the event, was as horrified as anyone when one of the tractor pullers lost control of his rig during the pull. He ended up rolling the tractor, bringing out calls for rescue and ambulance crews.

According to Graves, the tractor simply got away from the driver, who rode it over. Fortunately, there were no serious injuries reported. But Graves captured some interesting photos on his small camera that you don't see at a fair everyday- nor do you want to. Tractor pulls are supposed to be known for black smoke and excitement, not red flashing lights and sirens.

It was a scary moment, but it turned out OK, Graves says. They did complete the pull.

Got a county fair gem of a story you want to share? Let us know at: [email protected] Sharing county fair stories would be a great way to lead up to the excitement of this year's Indiana State Fair.

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