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Thinking About An Alternative Fuel Vehicle?

Thinking About An Alternative Fuel Vehicle?
Pennsylvania's alternative fuel vehicle rebate program still has cash incentives to cut new vehicle costs up to $2,000. Farm vehicles are eligible.

When you're road-running, you'll increasingly spot hybrids and all-electric-powered cars, light pickups and motorcycles. Many states, Pennsylvania included, have cash rebate programs to help cut purchase costs. Pennsylvania's Alternative Fuels Incentive Grant Program offers Alternative Fuel Vehicle rebates. As of late August, there's still rebate bucks waiting to be picked up.

The program provides rebates for the purchase of new plug-in hybrid, plug-in electric, natural gas, propane and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. An AFV must be a new vehicle with an odometer reading of less than 500 miles at purchase to be eligible. Sorry, flex-fuel, diesel and standard hybrids aren't eligible.

Thinking About An Alternative Fuel Vehicle?

What qualifies for how much
•$2,000 for a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) (battery system capacity equal/greater than 10 kWh) and battery electric vehicle (EV) (battery system capacity equal/greater than 10 kWh)
•$1000 for a PHEV or EV (battery system capacity less than 10 kWh)
•$1000 for a compressed natural gas fueled vehicle (CNG)
•$1,000 for a propane fueled vehicle (LPG)
•$1,000 for a hydrogen and/or fuel cell vehicle (FC)
•$500 for an electric motorcycle/scooter (EMC)

You can submit applications for up to six months after purchase date. The $2,000 rebates will be offered for PHEVs and EVs (battery system capacity equal/greater than 10 kWh) for the first 500 qualified applicants. After the first 500 rebates at $2,000 or Dec. 31, 2014, whichever occurs first, rebate amounts offered will be reassessed and likely reduced if funds remain.

Note: Rebates are taxable income, resulting in issuing a 1099 form for the taxable year.

For more details, click on Alternative Fuel Vehicle (AFV) Rebate Form and Guidance (PDF) .

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