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Tasseling is just a few days away in Crop Watch field

Tasseling is just a few days away in Crop Watch field
Crop Watch 2015: This corn continues to develop at normal pace.

It didn't make it by July 1, or quite by July 4. But the Crop Watch '15 field should be tasseling by July 8 to 12. Dave Nanda, consultant for Seed Consultants, Inc., says that is still very good for corn planted May 4.

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This field has not been heavily impacted by rainfall, at least not yet. It has had timely rains, and more than needed during the last week of June. However, the corn is head-high, with only a few isolated plants and spots showing minimal signs of pale color or leaf firing indicative of nitrogen deficiency.

Crop Watch 2015: This corn continues to develop at normal pace.

Nanda visited the field and split the stalk on a typical plant. He found that it was at the 12-leaf stage. Over his head, it will likely be tall corn. Looking at the dissected plant, he estimated its till has four leaves to put out yet. At 25 growing degree days, that could take around 8 to 10 days from June 30, when he visited, which would put tasseling around July 8 to 10. If conditions warm up and the corn grows faster, it could tassel slightly quicker.

The plant Nanda unrolled had 12 tassel branches. There is actually some thought today that fewer branches are an advantage because more than enough pollen is produced anyway, and resources can be put to other uses.

The growing point is still above all the leaves that come out, Nanda sys. It is what controls the actions of the plant. The tassel actually sits at the top of the growing point. In effect, when it emerges from the whorl it is the growing point, Nanda says.

Crop Watch 6/29: Where the Crop Watch field falls on the 'too much water' spectrum

Tassel coming soon! Dave Nanda split this stalk to find the tassel about 10 days, more or less, from emerging. All systems were 'go' in this plant.

There are two hybrids in the field, planted in alternating blocks of 12 rows. One reason is to spread pollinating time. Stay tuned to see if this pair of hybrids pollinate at different times.

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