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System Three 'Cures' Caulking and Sealing Excuses

System Three 'Cures' Caulking and Sealing Excuses

New SA-2100 cleans up in water and seals and bonds in a variety of applications.

The hassle and mess -- and many times, disappointment -- of caulking and sealing just got easier with System Three's new SA-2100 combination caulk and bonding material.

The urethane sealant/adhesive fully cures overnight and features water cleanup. It cures to a tough, flexible rubber with little odor, and can be used in any thickness. It remains permanently flexible and is highly resistant to UV degradation by the sun or welding arcs.

SA-2100 is non-sagging, non-yellowing, waterproof and has an extremely long shelf life. Even open tubes remain useable for months -- eliminating the tremendous waste found in typical caulking tubes.

System Three's new SA-2100 urethane sealant/adhesive cleans up with water and cures overnight to any thickness with a flexible, tough, UV-resistant seal.

SA-2100 comes in three packages: a 50 ml side-by-side cartridge; 4 ounces of part A and part B in squeezable tubes, and an 8.4 ounce cartridge that can be dispensed with a standard caulking gun.

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