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Syngenta Corn Refuge Approach Clears EPA

Syngenta Corn Refuge Approach Clears EPA

Regulatory agency says 'yes' to Syngenta Agrisure E-Z Refuge adding another player to the mix as growers seek ways to manage non-biotech refuge.

The race to move farmers to a refuge-in-the-bag strategy heats up as more players enter the market. The strategy reduces the amount of non-biotech refuge to be planted, but mixes it into the seed bag so all the growers does is load and plant, eliminating the worry about setting aside refuge acres and return to plant those later. The latest news comes from Syngenta.

IN THE BAG: Syngenta's new Agrisure E-Z Refuge line includes two products. Agrisure 3220 E-Z Refuge includes the company's novel Viptera technology for insect control.

The U.S. Environmental Protection has granted Syngenta registration approval for two refuge-in-the-bag trait stacks for Syngenta. Agrisure 3220 E-Z Refuge and Agrisure 3122 E-Z Refuge each feature a 5% blended refuge and multiple modes of action for corn insect control. The company says both products will be available for the 2013 planting season.

In a press statement announcing the registration, Davor Pisk, Syngenta chief operating officer, says "The launch of a refuge-in-a-bag offer further enhances our leading corn insect control portfolio, which includes seed treatments and insecticides as well as traits." He notes the added convenience of the refuge-in-the-bag convenience for growers as well.

Pisk also notes that Agrisure 3220 E-Z Refuge incorporates the company's Viptera trait, which has broad control of lepidopteran pests. The Viptera trait is a novel - "non-cry" or non-crystalline insect control protein that controls 14 yield-and quality-robbing insects including corn borer, corn rootworm and what the company calls the multi-pest complex. And the stack includes the Agrisure CB/LL trait - or Bt11 event - which has been protecting corn from European corn borer for more than 10 years. Also included is the Agrisure GT glyphosate tolerance trait and the Hercules I trait for corn borer. This stack is designed for areas where corn rootworm is either negligible or managed through crop rotation.

Agrisure 3122 E-Z Refuge provides 5% above- and below-ground refuge-in-a-bag option. The product is for areas requiring corn rootworm management; the trait stack features dual modes of action for both European corn borer and corn rootworm control.

These two new products will be sold through Syngeta's Garst, Golden Harvest and NK seed brands.

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