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Survey Confirms Growing Ethanol Acceptance Nationwide

New public opinion poll shows 78% of Americans support expanding use of ethanol.

New data from the polling firm Public Opinion Strategies shows that 78% of Americans support increasing the use of ethanol and two-thirds of Americans support the increased use of biofuels in general. Additional results show that 91% of Americans feel the country is facing an energy crisis and 53% believe we should diversify our energy supply by utilizing alternative energy sources like ethanol.

Polling results from Phoenix Marketing International earlier this year showed that more than 90% of Americans would prefer a flexible fuel vehicle (FFV), one capable of running on gasoline and ethanol blends up to 85% (E85). A recent study done by Phoenix for the American Lung Association of Minnesota found that 85% of respondents would prefer a fueling company that offers E85 under its canopies.

In addition, the Indianapolis 500 this year was powered by a 10% ethanol blend. The race and the entire Indy Racing League will be using 100% ethanol in 2007.

"Taken out of context, polling results can have very little meaning," says Renewable Fuels Association President Bob Dinneen. "But given the climate in this country and the extensive interest we have seen in ethanol and renewable fuels, it is clear that this data demonstrates the growing desire of American drivers for cleaner-burning, domestically-produced ethanol."

Currently, the U.S. ethanol industry boasts 101 biorefineries in production with an annual capacity of more than 4.7 billion gallons. An additional 32 biorefineries are currently being built and 6 are expanding, with a capacity of nearly 2 billion gallons.

The poll was conducted for the Energy Future Coalition.

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