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Super 7+ Navel Dip Speeds Dry-Down Time

Super 7+ Navel Dip Speeds Dry-Down Time
University study shows iodine substitute is faster and more cost effective than 7% iodine.

Innovacyn Inc. recently launched Super 7+ Navel Dip, an umbilical cord dry-out and protective solution for newborn animals. The company says its iodine-free formula of alkaline electrolyzed water speeds the drying process and protects the umbilical cord.

Super 7+ comes in two sizes - a gallon jug and a pint trigger bottle, and can be applied to large animals using a dip cup or squeeze bottle. The liquid includes a brown dye to help identify treated animals.

University study shows iodine substitute is faster and more cost effective than 7% iodine.

Innovacyn funded an Auburn University for a clinical study comparing Super 7+ and 7% tincture of iodine. The study on 100 female neonatal calves, took place on-animal and in vitro. Innovacyn says the Auburn study showed four advantages to its product.

-  Faster dry-down times: Dipping with Super 7+ Navel Dip increased the percentage of calves having a dry umbilical cord by 30% over that of tincture of iodine.

-  No infection: The umbilical remnants of all calves utilized in the study had no evidence of infection.

-  No irritation: There was no evidence of dermal irritation around the skin surrounding the umbilicus or any other area that may have been in contact with Super7+ Navel Dip.

-  Lower cost: A cost analysis found Super 7+ Navel Dip to be more cost effective than tincture of iodine.

The company also says unlike tincture of iodine, Super 7+ Navel Dip has negligible cytotoxicity and is non-flammable and non-corrosive. It can also be used directly on calves whose umbilical cords were torn off at birth, creating an effective barrier. In addition, the safety profile of Super 7+ ensures that employees and the environment will not be exposed to any dangerous chemicals. The product has no special handling requirements except for following the proper precautions indicated on the label, and does not require hazardous material paperwork or hazard shipping fees.

Super 7+ has an expected 24-month shelf life and can be used on cattle, swine, sheep, horses, goats and dogs.

Order the product through your Innovacyn/Vetericyn dealer or call (866) 318-3116.

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