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State Vegetable Crops Continue to be Big Business

Wisconsin ranks third for production of processing vegetables.

Wisconsin ranked third in the nation for production of processing vegetables, as well as harvested acreage and value during the past year. The state's agriculture department reported this week that Wisconsin had 7% of the country's production and 16% of the acreage for the eight major vegetables. California retained its strong first place, with Minnesota being second in all three categories.

The Badger State continued to be the major state for processing snap beans, with 38% of U.S. production. Growers produced 297,030 tons of snap beans, down 5% from 2005. Harvested acreage declined by 4,600 acres, but the average yield was 2% higher than a year earlier. The value of production rose to $36.6 million, due to a rise in the value per ton to $123.

Wisconsin held third place in production of three processing vegetables - sweet corn, green peas, and carrots. Sweet corn for processing was the most valuable vegetable crop for state growers. The value of processing sweet corn totaled $38.3 million, down 9% from 2005. The 2006 yield was nearly the same as a year earlier, at 7.38 tons per acre. Harvested acres declined 9,200 acres to a total of 82,800 acres, and production fell 10% to 611,260 tons.

Green pea production in the state totaled 65,410 tons, 11% lower than in 2005. Yields rose 13% to 2.11 tons per acre, but acreage fell 21% to 31,000 harvested acres. Carrot production rose 10% in Wisconsin. Planted acreage totaled 4,300 and harvested acreage was 4,000, up 100 from 2005.

And the state production of cucumbers for pickles climbed 11% to boost Wisconsin's national ranking to fourth, compared to fifth in 2005. Pickle production totaled 32,780 tons with an average yield of 6.83 tons per acre, highest state yield since 2000. Harvested acreage was up seven percent from 2005 to 4,800.

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