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State Commodity Executive Resigns

State Commodity Executive Resigns
Mark Henderson leaving to pursue other interests.

One of the top leadership positions in the Indiana commodity group channels is now open again, less than two years after it was filled. However, the commodity groups are temporarily back in the hands of capable interim director Jane Ade Stevens.

Mark Henderson resigned as executive director to the Indiana Soybean Alliance, Indiana Corn Marketing Council and Indiana Corn Growers Associations. The official news release announcing his resignation says he's leaving to start a private business venture.

Henderson came to the commodity groups because he saw tremendous opportunity in the field of agriculture. One year ago, in exclusive interviews, he told Indiana Prairie Farmer that agriculture was still one of the best kept secrets around, and that it was time to inform the public about agriculture.

He was emphatic that agriculture is a success story like no other, but that few people in the urban sector realize that. While he was not directly responsible fro the Internet series offering free groceries that ran last winter into spring, the commodity groups played a major role in that activity. The object was to lure non-farm people to the Internet. Eight Indiana producers told their farm stories in short videos and other methods on the Web. The project garnered thousands of hits and leads from people who requested more information about agriculture.

Henderson is also credited by his groups that he served with pioneering new corn and soybean use applications and processes. These help ensure that farmer checkoff funds receive maximum return for the money being invested.

Jane Ade Stevens was interim director for these groups before Henderson was hired, during the search that ended up in him being hired as director. She is currently senior director of programming for the three groups. All three are co-housed with the Indiana Beef Cattle Association and Indiana Pork Producers Association on the northwest side of Indianapolis.

A farm girl with a livestock background, Ade Stevens edited the Livestock news that is emailed about once per week to constituents for several years. It details events around the state and country that affect livestock confinement operations. The grain commodity groups are concerned because livestock is by far still the biggest customer for grain.

No details were announced for filling the position, or what the procedure for implementing a committee or taking applications would be. Stay tuned for further details.

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