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Is Your State Ag-friendly? Surprise, New Hampshire Tops The Northeast

Is Your State Ag-friendly? Surprise, New Hampshire Tops The Northeast
Report on agribusiness-friendly states ranks New Hampshire as one of the top five in America. New York didn't come in dead-last.

New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Vermont ranked among the top 10 agribusiness-friendly states in America, according to a new report issued by Colorado State University Ag Economists Greg Perry and James Pritchett.

The researchers ranked states according to an Agribusiness Friendliness Index that gauges the economic climate for agriculture. The index used 38 variables, representing regulatory policy, tax policy, government efficiency, impact of key government services, and the overall business climate.

PROMISING SIGN: New Hampshire agriculture earned a rainbow – a top-five rating as an agribusiness-friendly state in this 50-state study.

Ag activities were divided into four categories – ag inputs, crop, fruit and vegetable production, meat and livestock products and first-level ag processing. States fared differently across all four categories depending on their base agricultural industry.

As you might guess, Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states didn't make the top seven for meat and livestock products. But most New England states earned an A or B grade in all categories.

New York State pulled a failing grade in all categories, ranking 49th in all but ag inputs, where it came in 48th out of the 50. California ranked 50th in all categories.

Where they ranked
Overall index: New Hampshire, 4th; Massachusetts, 7th; Vermont, 9th; Maryland, 12th; Maine, 13th; Pennsylvania, 26th; Delaware, 28th; New Jersey, 31st; Connecticut, 34th; Rhode Island, 35th; and New York, 49th.

Ag inputs: New Hampshire, 2nd; Vermont, 7th; Massachusetts, 8th; Maine, 14th; Maryland,16th; New Jersey, 29th; Rhode Island, 31st; Pennsylvania, 34th; Delaware, 35th; Connecticut, 38; New York, 48th.

Ag processing: New Hampshire, 1st; Vermont, 5th; Massachusetts, 6th; Maine, 13th; Maryland,15th; Delaware, 17th; Rhode Island, 27; New Jersey, 31; Pennsylvania, 37; Connecticut, 42; and New York, 49th.

Crops, fruits and vegetable production: Maryland, 6th; Massachusetts, 9th; Vermont, 10th; New Hampshire, 13th; Maine, 15th; Pennsylvania, 17th; Connecticut, 27th; Delaware, 30th; New Jersey, 32nd; Rhode Island, 42nd; and New York, 49th.

Meats and livestock products: Massachusetts, 8th; New Hampshire, 10th; Vermont, 11th; Maine, 14th; Pennsylvania, 20th; Maryland, 22nd; Connecticut, 29th; New Jersey, 32nd; Delaware, 33rd; Rhode Island, 42nd; and New York, 49th.

For more details on how the ranking were made and to view each state's indexes, click here.
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