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Spending Time with a Farm Kid is Good for My Soul

Spending Time with a Farm Kid is Good for My Soul
If you ever lack faith in the younger generation, spend some time with a farm kid. It will change your opinion.

I spent a few hours last week agvocating. It truly is one of my favorite things to do, although as somewhat of an introvert it becomes a little overwhelming.

Indiana Soybean asked if they could bring a few bloggers out to the farm to experience harvest, and true to my style I said yes without checking with my higher-ups, the husband and the father-in-law. Lucky for me they have learned to go with the flow and combine rides were enjoyed all around.

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Farmkid chats: Talking with Rhett Kelsay was one of the best conversations I had had in long time. He's a smart kid and will do the future of agriculture proud!

One of my best friends, Liz Kelsay, works for Indiana Soybean. She organized the trip and brought her 2-year-old son. A farm kid from a dairy and grain farm, he is someone I can relate to. We have a lot in common – farming and intellectual levels.

He is one smart farm kid. We started the tour by walking back to our grain bins. I said, "Come on Rhett, I will show you the grain bins," to which he gave me a confused look and pointed towards the bins and asked if I meant the elevator. Well yes, Rhett, some people call them elevators! He noticed my cows had a lot more hair than his, mine are beef his are dairy. Not bad, kid, not bad. He impressed me!

The best was yet to come when we arrived at the field. We take opposite sides of the color fence – he's a red equipment man and I am a green equipment girl! But he did not have a problem riding with me in the grain cart tractor, because any true farm kid jumps at a chance to ride in a tractor, no matter the color.

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We also discussed the advantages to grain carts. Rhett is adamantly opposed to grain carts, apparently. When he rides with his Dad in the combine he prefers to dump straight into the semi and is somewhat opinionated about it (actually, he cries when the grain cart is used). I, however, am a stanch grain cart advocate, especially since it is one of my main jobs. And I, being somewhat opinionated about it as well, might cry if it is not used.

It has been a long time since I worked with a 2-year-old. They have a lot of questions and an innate desire to continually 'help' you drive! The observations they have always impress me, their little minds are definitely working overtime.

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