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SPC Enzymes in R&D LifeSciences' Livestock Feed Additives Enhance Digestion

SPC Enzymes in R&D LifeSciences' Livestock Feed Additives Enhance Digestion
Enzyme blend has been added to R&D LifeSciences feed additive products for ruminants

A proprietary enzyme blend in R&D LifeSciences' feed additives can help improve digestion of starch, protein, and cellulose in feed to help livestock extract more nutrition from their diet, the company says.

R&D LifeSciences feed additives, including top-sellers Lactomace and Cattlemace, contain a combination of Bacillus subtilis, Trichoderma viride, and Aspergillus oryzae which include enzymes cellulase and amylase.

Enzyme blend has been added to R

Research has shown these enzymes support optimal rumen function and digestion, R&D LifeSciences says. "These enzymes can be especially beneficial when the forage is low-quality or low in supply," says David Zehendner, President and CEO of R&D LifeSciences. "They help to keep up normal weight gain and milk production."

Producers seeking to limit reliance on antibiotics will appreciate SPC Enzymes as a non-drug additive that can result in increased productivity.

This is an economically and environmentally smart choice as well, Zehendner explains. "As the human population grows, our need for food increases. The majority of this food has to come from innovations in technology that produce food in smarter, more efficient ways. SPC Enzymes do just that by helping the animal to get more nutrition out of the food they eat, so they do not need as much."

Better utilization of forages reduces the amount needed per animal, limiting cost and waste output.

For more information on SPC Enzymes, visit the R&D LifeSciences website.

Source: R&D LifeSciences

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