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Soil Judging Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time

Soil Judging Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time
Soil couldn't have changed that much in 26 years.

My thinking was valid, I stand by that. I thought that if I am making the trip to Oklahoma again I really should judge. 1988 wasn't that long ago, right?

I put it on my list of things to do: study up on Oklahoma rules and score sheet.  And each evening as I mentally checked things off my list, "study for soils" remained unchecked.

There I was, the day before the contest, cranking out articles and studying soils like there was no tomorrow. Basically, it was because there was no tomorrow to study. After all, 1988 WAS a long time ago.

Soil Judging in Oklahoma: I sat in a hotel room in Oklahoma City trying to remember stuff from 26 years ago and kicking myself just a little for saying I would judge but to stubborn to back out. I didn't place last, which truly was the goal I had set!

This "World Series" of soil judging is an amazing opportunity for kids who have truly worked hard to earn their trip here.  The opportunity to judge soil all over the state of Indiana is an incredible experience, some of my fondest memories of FFA.  But to realize that hard work paid off by earning a position in a National contest is exhilarating. I participated in the national contest from Triton Central 26 years ago. My oldest daughter, Casey, participated this year.

There were 11 teams from Indiana that qualified at the state level to participate in this National contest.  Five 4-H teams: Rochester, North Miami, Rensselaer, Argos and Fairfield; and five FFA teams: Fairfield, Adams Central, Gibson Southern, Southern Wells and North Miami.  Franklin FFA also qualified their Masters team for homesite evaluation only.

Indiana faired extremely well in both 4-H and FFA divisions of Land Judging.

4-H Homesite Division: Argos Team 2 took 2nd Overall and North Miami placed 5th Overall.

4-H Land Division: Fairfield placed 3rd Overall

FFA Homesite: Fairfield FFA placed 5th Overall

FFA Land: North Miami FFA placed 1st Overall

I am extremely proud of these kids, not just the ones I took or the ones that placed high, but every single Indiana kid who judged.  This is a tough contest, it is a National contest.

The soils in Oklahoma are different and the judging cards are not near the same as Indiana.  It is a whole new contest that you spend hours and months preparing for to get one shot at.

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