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Sneak peek at new ag sprayers fresh from the Farm Progress Show

Sneak peek at new ag sprayers fresh from the Farm Progress Show
Apache sprayers, made in Indiana, feature new line for 2016.

Some companies are reluctant to give list prices when asked for them by reporters at farm shows. I should know. I visit 75 or so different vendors each show, and ask about list prices. Some aren't quick to share them, partly because of their dealership arrangements.

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Equipment Technologies, Mooresville, is more than happy to share the list price of their new models for 2016, notes Matt Hays, CEO. That's partly because lower price is one of their selling features. They even print their prices and estimated prices for comparable competitive models in their literature.

New line-up: The new line-up of Apache sprayer for 2016 feature Tier IV final engines.

What's new to the new line-up in 2016 Apache sprayers is Tier IV EPA final emissions standards compatible engines. The engines use DEF, which must be added to help condition the exhaust. Expect DEF tanks to be showing up on farms near yours soon, maybe even on yours.

The new models also feature slightly more horsepower than each comparable model that it replaces, notes Steve Leer, director of communications for ET.

The new models are somewhat more expensive than previous models, partially because of what it takes to meet the Tier IV final emissions standards, Leer says. The new sprayers feature tons of GPS-based features that farmers are asking for in today's sprayer models.

Apache sprayers are known for their simplicity and ease of working on, and that doesn't change with the new models, Leer says. It's still a strength of the Apache line-up.

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In an unusual situation that developed because of EPA rules, there will still be some new Apache sprayers that aren't Tier IV final available for sale. They will be on a first-come, first serve basis, Leer says. The EPA allows so many to be made, then shuts off production of that model. If you're interested in still obtaining a sprayer with an earlier model number that sells for less, contact ET while supplies last.

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