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Similarities Exist Between Candidates For Gov, Current Gov.

Similarities Exist Between Candidates For Gov, Current Gov.
See if you can figure out who made each statement before you read you actually said it.

No doubt there are differences between Mitch Daniels, the current governor, Mike Pence, the likely Republican candidate for governor in the fall election, and John Gregg, the likely Democrat candidate for governor. However, when all three spoke at the Ethanol Industry Forum recently in Indianapolis, many of the statements they made revealed some common goals and ideas. Part of the job of voters will be to determine the differences, and determine which candidate best meets the type of leader needed following Governor Daniels as governor.

Similarities Exist Between Candidates For Gov, Current Gov.

Here are three statements made by one of the three speakers at the forum. Read all three. Then see if you can determine who said what before looking at the answers. No peeking!

(1)   "We need to keep the future of ethanol strong. We need to make (blending) pumps more available."

(2)   "Ethanol is an important part of Indiana's future. We should expand consumer choices, and continue Indiana's leadership role on ethanol."

(3)   "We should be demanding more in terms of American energy. We cannot relax. We need to optimize our position. I'm still an advocate of biofuels."

 Maybe you would expect these answers considering the group the three men were addressing, but each statement appeared to ring true. By the way, these statements were made by: (1) John Gregg, (2) Mike Pence and (3) Governor Mitch Daniels.

Try this set of quotes.

(4)   "We haven't succeeded in all of our educational goals in Indiana yet. In some rural counties we still have schools which are just too small."

(5)   "We are an agricultural state and a manufacturing state. These are our strengths."

(6)   "Indiana is in good fiscal shape today. We want to make sure we have good reserves. Then we want to put dollars into producing jobs and encouraging investment."

Did you get these right? The answers are: (4) Governor Daniels; (5) John Gregg and (6) Mike Pence.  

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