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Senator is Uncertain about Ability of Super Committee

Senator is Uncertain about Ability of Super Committee
Senator Jerry Moran says failure is not an option, but committee must work together.

Senator Jerry Moran, R-Kan., isn't feeling too optimistic about the chances the deficit reduction super committee can meet their upcoming Nov. 23 deadline to cut $1.2 trillion dollars.

"It does seem to me like there is an impasse and the opportunities are quickly disappearing," Moran said. "But also I would tell you that there is a number of Senators that have now come together to encourage that select committee not to give up, not to miss this opportunity, an so the pressure has increased as a result of what appears soon to be failure."

Senator Jerry Moran, R-Kan., spoke with reporters at the National Association of Farm Broadcasting in Kansas City, Mo.

Moran says there is still hope and believes it's important for the committee to work. He says failure is not an option, especially given the question of what sequestration would mean for agriculture and other programs.

House and Senate Ag Committee leaders are still working to provide their own recommendations for ag policy to the super committee. While Moran says he has faith in House Ag Chair Frank Lucas, R-Okla., hiis belief is that every member of Congress ought to be involved in the farm policy debate.

"I think the theory is that this committee will be able to reach a better conclusion than Congress could do in an election year in 2012," Moran said. "I'm reluctant to agree with that. I'm a believer that members of Congress were elected to make decisions, it's not deferring to a 12-person committee. We ought to have a farm debate and we ought to have a discussion on what a farm bill should look like, and we ought not defer to 12 people, particularly in my view, 12 people who have little understanding of what agriculture and rural America is like."

Moran made his comments during a stop at the National Association of Farm Broadcasting annual convention in Kansas City, Mo.

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