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Seeing Big Opportunity for DDGS Market Growth, Council Brings Buyers to U.S.

Seeing Big Opportunity for DDGS Market Growth, Council Brings Buyers to U.S.

Export exchange will build on efforts from the past six years.

The idea behind the upcoming Export Exchange 2010 is not a new one. U.S. Grains Council President and CEO Tom Dorr says the event, co-sponsored by the Grains Council and Renewable Fuels Association, is a follow-up to a couple of events conducted during the past six years. But given the emerging demand for dried distillers grains, Dorr says the Council felt compelled to put a greater focus on DDGS.

"There is an emerging market internationally so that we've gone literally almost nothing in 2004 to this year we will probably be nearly at 7.5 million metric tons, maybe close to eight," Dorr said. "It is just a huge new developing market but it's one that we have to continue to work on if we are going to support the ethanol industry in the way in which we need to."

The event is uniquely focused on connecting international buyers with the U.S. market. Dorr says it will bring more than 150 international buyers of U.S. DDGS and coarse grains from more than 25 countries, who represent nearly 80% of the global export market, together with at least 300 U.S. producers and agribusinesses.

"We'll have an opportunity when we get the buyers together with the sellers to also give insight into the nutrient components of DDGS, the kind of inclusion rates that are possible, and how you go about trading, marketing and transporting these materials," Dorr said. "So it's a one-stop intensive two-day seminar for people who are interested in both selling and buying the product."

Dorr says the end goal, which is true to the mission of the Grains Council, is market development.

"We hope out of this that people essentially develop a much better sense of assurance about the sustainable supply of the product and about the reliability of the product," Dorr said. "Consequently create a more firm and substantive demand for the DDGS that we are producing that we need to find non-domestic homes for."

As the demand for high quality proteins continues to grow around the world, Dorr says the demand for DDGS will increase. He suggests that similar to what has happened to the soybean market in China, growth opportunities for energy crops are ahead. He says Export Exchange 2010 provides first-hand exposure to the product and facilitates that future growth.

For more information on Export Exchange 2010, visit the U.S. Grains Council website at

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