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Second Pennsylvania White-tailed Deer Confirmed with CWD

Second Pennsylvania White-tailed Deer Confirmed with CWD
A white-tailed buck from the depopulated Adams County herd also tested positive to Chronic Wasting Disease. But Pink 23 still remains on the loose.

On Wednesday, Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture confirmed that a second captive deer, a buck, from an Adams County farm tested positive for Chronic Wasting Disease. To date, they are the only two cervids in Pennsylvania confirmed with CWD. Both came from the same depopulated herd – well, almost depopulated.

Yesterday, we reported that Pink 23 escaped the farm while the herd was being depopulated. As of today, Ag Department and State Game Commission officials could not confirm that the yellow-tagged doe – and the risk of wild deer exposure – had been put down.

Second Captive Pennsylvania White-tailed Deer Confirmed with CWD

None of the other deer on the farm having the two positive testing animals tested positive. To date, the ag department has quarantined 27 farms in 16 counties with possible links to the animals.

"Since the first positive deer was found last month, the Chronic Wasting Disease Task Force has put in place aggressive measures to prevent further spread of the disease," says Ag Secretary George Greig. "We'll continue our work to protect the state's captive and wild deer populations."

Where CWD testing is mandatory, and not
The State Game Commission established a 600-square-mile disease management area surrounding the Adams County farm for mandatory checking of harvested wild deer. As part of that plan, hunters may not move high-risk deer parts out of the area, including parts of the head and spinal column.

Hunters who harvest a deer within the DMA during the two-week firearms deer season (Nov. 26 to Dec. 8) are required to bring their deer to a check station so samples can be collected for testing.  For hunter convenience, all cooperating deer processors within the DMA boundaries are considered check stations. The Game Commission will gather samples from hunter-killed deer at those processors.

At this point, deer harvested outside of the management area don't have to be tested for CWD. But, hunters may get their deer tested by the Department of Agriculture's Veterinary Laboratory in Harrisburg, for a fee. Interested hunters should call 717-787-8808.

For more information, visit and click on the "Chronic Wasting Disease Information" button on the homepage.

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