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Say it Aain't So, Rush!

Conservative radio star promotes Humane Society.

Whether he knew the history and true intent of the group when he agreed to do the spot or not, apparently Rush Limbaugh has done spots for the Humane Society of the United States. This surprising event was reported in a recent edition of Livestock News, published by GINA, a project to promote animal agriculture in Indiana. It's actually funded by the Indiana Soybean Alliance. Jane Ade Stevens is editor of the weekly email information piece.

She quoted a source called 'Loos Lips Email Newsletter,' commenting in its April 17 issue. He reportedly lent his voice to public service announcements for the group. Many sources, including key leaders in Indiana Farm Bureau, Inc., contend that what HSUS is really up to is working toward the elimination of animal agriculture in the U.S. Obviously, that wasn't the message in the Limbaugh spot.

Limbaugh is the controversial conservative radio talk show host who claims an audience of 20 million on more than 600 stations. It's called the EIB network. He also publishes a successful monthly newsletter, and the author of two best-selling books published in the 1990s. He's best known for advancing conservative issues- the exact opposite of what others say that HSUS stand for.

The Loos Lips newsletter claims food costs have increased by 33% per person in Europe since 1996. At the same time, the percent of imported food there has doubled, from 20% to 40%, in the past 13 years. The Loos Lips newsletter editor fears that if HSUS succeeds, Americans could be headed down the same path.

HSUS has been open about its support of a bill that would severely restrict dog breeders in Indiana. Farm Bureau insists that the original, very vague version of House Bill 1468 was simply opening the door for legislation down the road that would begin to make it very difficult to produce traditional meat animals in Indiana. At one point, HSUS was even running radio commercials on a major Indianapolis radio station, one that also carries the Rush Limbaugh program daily!

Farm Bureau sources say that it now appears that if a bill is passed, and both Houses have passed differing versions of the legislation, it should be much more favorable to animal ag interests than the original version. However, at least Farm Bureau insider still whispers that he would prefer to see it somehow disappear.

Word on the street is that Ohio is next in the sights of HSUS. A big victory with puppy mill legislation here would have sent them into that effort with great momentum. Ohio is likely the target because it is another major ag state, like California, where HSUS succeeded last fall with Proposition Two, that also allows ballot initiatives.

Indiana does not have provisions that allow ballot initiatives.

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