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SATURDAY WEB TIP: Customize to Maximize

New site design allows you to build the site you want with information you can use.

Editor's Note: This is the start of a new weekend series of tips, tricks and ideas for making the most of the new Web sites. We want you to understand our new approach to the Web, so we'll be offering weekly tips on Saturday mornings that you can put to use.

You're looking at a whole new way to work on the Internet with this new Farm Progress site. Whether you enter from your favorite Magazine Site address or from you'll get the chance to build a custom home page that gives you a wide range of information.

And that's what we want to address today - customization. And we're going to deal with it in a couple areas. First, you can customize the Web site itself by adding features we've built in, or site information from other places you like to visit.

<<< This button, at the top right side of the site, opens a window to a wide range of customizable content for your homepage.

Once you enter the site, you'll see a large green button at the top right of the page. This is a kind of Power Button that opens up a new site area showing you the many choices you have for adding content to the site. Whether you want to add news and podcast links, or you would like to see Reuters headlines on your home page, you can add it from here.

It's a matter of clicking on the big green "Click Here to Customize Page" button to open the choices area. Then selecting from what appears as a module, or choosing from the many dropdowns you can find in the choices whether under News, Markets, Freetime or Media.

Under Recommended Modules you're going to see a growing list of tools and programs offered for you to use. Click on What's New there and you'll see other modules you can add.

Have other information you want to include? Using the power of RSS - really simple syndication - you can easily add more information to the site. Click on "Add an RSS Feed" and you'll find plenty of instructions to help you add a wide range of content.

Customizing Markets

Marketing information is at your fingertips on the new sites. In the Risk Management Center area we have set up a basic feed of markets, but you can decide what you really want to have appear. Here's how you can make that area more valuable for you.

In that area select the "prefs" tab.

Then in each of the dropdowns choose the market data you'd like included on the Grains and Livestock sections. It's that simple.

Don't see something you think we should have? Send a message to and we'll consider your request. We're going to be looking for new ideas as we go forward, and we want your input.

Next week, we'll take a look at Discussion and how you can use that to share ideas with Farm Progress editors and other site visitors.

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