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RR Alfalfa Is Out Of The Litigious Bag

RR Alfalfa Is Out Of The Litigious Bag

Heavy sales of Roundup Ready seed reported in the Northeast.

Seed companies in the Northeast have reported heavy sales of Roundup Ready alfalfa seed. Despite several pending lawsuits, seed sales and planting of the genetically modified was set in action with a recent U.S. Department of Agriculture ruling.

That's the word from Steve Havera, Monsanto's traits marketing manager. "We are seeing a lot of excitement and pent-up demand for Genuity RR alfalfa. "Growers recognize that this technology can allow them to increase yield potential of alfalfa that

is higher in quality due to the unsurpassed weed control achievable for the life of their alfalfa stands."

Producers wanting pure alfalfa stands are prime candidates for the seed trait. "We are seeing especially strong seed sales in California, Wisconsin, the Northeast, and Kansas/Colorado. They are among some of the top alfalfa-producing states with a significant amount of dairy production," he adds.  

Broad-spectrum control of both broadleaf and grassy weeds and superior crop safety translates into the potential for more tons per acre of certified weed-free and dairy-quality hay, contends Havera. Growers are allowed to make multiple over-the-top applications of Roundup herbicide – up to 132 ounces per acre during a growing season – to help control economically-important weeds and grasses.

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