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Rough Ride After Drought Weather Statistics Show

Rough Ride After Drought Weather Statistics Show
Records show significant cool down, drought recovery this March

One year ago the March temperature was more than 13 degrees above normal. It broke a record for deviation from normal and the warmest temperature in March since records were kept in 1895. In fact, the deviation was so far off the charts it's hard to believe it will be equaled anytime soon.

Recent memory: Snow gathered on roofs again about two weeks ago, but melted quickly.

Just when you think you know what to expect, March of 2013 comes along. Ken Scheeringa, state climatologist, says it was 6 degrees colder than normal, making it the 14th coldest March in nearly 120 years. The most recent March that was colder was in 1984, some 29 years ago, which was the fourth coldest on record. It may be coincidence, but note that both years followed severe drought seasons the summer before.

This March also set records for the latest date for large snowfall. Indianapolis recorded 12 inches of snow, most of it in the last week of March. So while Indianapolis was slightly below normal for the climatological winter, Dec 1 to March 1, at 19 inches, it was above the full season average of 26 at about 31 inches. South Bend recorded 14 inches in March, and Evansville only a trace of snow last month.

All but one season in the last 75 years after a major drought have featured less snow than normal. That was true for climatological winter again this year at Indianapolis and South Bend, but not at Evansville. It also didn't hold if you include the March snowfall totals for Indianapolis.

The climatological winter totals were 47.7 inches for South Bend, 19.8 for Indianapolis and 12.3 inches for Evansville. Nearly all of the Evansville snow came immediately after Christmas. Some areas in southwest Indiana near Vincennes received as much as 20 inches, all during that same week after Christmas.

So is the last snow behind us? Let's hope so!

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