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Roger King is Wisconsin Teacher of the Year

Roger King is Wisconsin Teacher of the Year
He teaches agriculture at Holmen High School

Recently, Holmen High School agricultural educator Roger King was recognized as 2015-16 Wisconsin Teacher of the Year. Prior to being named Teacher of the Year, he was awarded Wisconsin High School Teacher of the Year. In late January, King will find out if he is in the final rounds of selection to be named National Teacher of the Year.

TOP TEACHER: Roger King, Holmen Agricultural Educator, pictured with State Superintendent Dr. Tony Evers, was recognized as the 2015-16 Wisconsin Teacher of the Year.

 "Being Wisconsin's Teacher of the Year is not about me," said King. "Day to day at Holmen High School and throughout our state, teachers are here for the purpose of helping student's succeed. There aren't many successful people out there that cannot say a teacher didn't have an impact in getting them to where they are today. In the Holmen School District, we have excellent staff and resources to serve the needs of our students."

King views agricultural education as a unique program. Through agriculture courses, students are able to apply the entire core curriculum to their life. English, mathematics, science and social studies can be taught jointly in class. Not only is curriculum brought to life, but students receive leadership opportunities through the FFA and career connections through their supervised agricultural experience programs. Engaging with the community, business and industry further allows King and other agricultural educators to provide real-world connections with their students.

After spending 31 years in the agricultural education profession, King has been able to connect with other agriculture instructors through state and national professional organizations. "Involvement in the Wisconsin Association of Agricultural Educators has allowed me to not only make a difference with students in my classroom but also with others in this field. I'm able to share my ideas and methods while picking up new strategies from others."

Special moments shared with students have been some of the most rewarding highlights of King's career. "Getting that thank you from a student who was part of the FFA and agriculture education family is very rewarding," said King. "It's special when current and former students stay in contact and share life changing events with you as well."

"Roger King is a forward looking educator who is a master in the use of inquiry-based methods," said Jeff Hicken, Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction Agricultural Education Consultant and State FFA Advisor. "He is always looking out for the best interest of students and his fellow agricultural educators."

"I live what I teach and it makes me a better educator," shared King. "I have a passion for what I get to do every day -- work with my students. We need more teachers; we are a better society because we have had great educators."

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