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Restoring Vintage Tractors is Indiana Man's Labor of Love

Restoring Vintage Tractors is Indiana Man's Labor of Love
Why this restoration specialist has one vintage Ford tractor in his huge sea of red tractors.

By Joy Sheldon and Tom J. Bechman

Bud Meyer of Stendal is known far and wide as someone who collects real, working red tractors. He's been featured on the Indiana Prairie Farmer website before. He will soon be featured in Indiana Prairie Farmer. He even held an open house on his farm last fall so that his friends and fellow collectors could see the collection he has put together. He has some very hard to find models and some more common models. If they come to his farm, they get restored and they run.

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Blue as can be: Red is his color when it comes to tractors, but Bud Meyers restored this blue Ford 1100 for his sister, Hazel Katter.

There is one Ford blue tractor on his farm currently. Here's the story behind the story that led him to have one blue tractor amidst a collection of red and white Farmalls of all sizes and descriptions.

Bud's sister, Hazel Katter, is the actual proud owner of the small, Ford 1100 tractor. It was her husband, Rod's pride and joy before he passed away. While not a big tractor, it fit his needs. It became special to Hazel because it belonged to her husband.

Bud won't say if his sister had to twist his arm or just how she persuaded him to let a blue tractor into his shop, but he agreed to restore it for her. Today the small tractor is restored to look like it appeared when it was new. And it all happened in Bud's shop with his skilled craftsmanship taking it apart and putting it back together again.

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Maybe blood is thicker than water – it certainly is thicker than the color of tractor paint. Bud even allows himself to be photographed with the tractor and his sister. And word is he may allow another Ford tractor into his shop. This time it will be an older vintage model. He is making plans to restore the Ford 2N, the popular utility tractor, that also belongs to his sister.

Sheldon is a senior in Purdue University ag communications

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