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Reservations Needed For Master Farmers Banquet

Reservations Needed For Master Farmers Banquet
If you don't have reservations, call first!

Reservations for the combined Master Farmer awards recognition/ Indiana Farm Management Tour evening program have topped 200, exceeding expectations. It's a good problem to have, organizers note, but it also means that anyone else who wants to attend and participate in the meal needs to call to check on possible openings Monday, or immediately

Donya Lester, Purdue executive secretary of Ag Alumni and one of the organizers of the event, says tickets are basically sold out, pending cancellations, for the event Tuesday evening. Her staff won't be able to accommodate people who show up at the door and expect to eat at the awards dinner tomorrow night.

If you're still interested in attending, please call or email Donya today, June 27, to check on availability. Reach her or her assistant, Deb Jakes, at 765-494-8593. Or email: [email protected] or [email protected].

Dinner tickets, if still available, are $20 per person. The program will be held at the Southwest Purdue Ag Center north of Vincennes, in the new vocational training center. An informal reception begins at 5 p.m., with dinner at 6 p.m.

The program consists of the awards dinner, followed by recognition of the accomplishments of the new awardees and presentation of awards. Highlight of the evening will be a panel discussion led by Bruce Erickson of Purdue Ag Economics, featuring the award recipients.

The farm management tour begins at noon Tuesday at the Unger farm near Sullivan. Reservations are not required for that stop. It proceeds to Melon Acres on U.S. 41 north of Vincennes before adjourning to the evening program. The tour picks up again Wednesday morning at Boyd farms near Washington, then proceeds to Caranahan and sons, before concluding at Villwock Farms at noon.

Remember, if you plan on attending the Tuesday evening program and don't have a reservation, please call or email Purdue Ag Alumni immediately. Admission for the meal at the door is not guaranteed.

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