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Report: Corn Crop Silking Has Begun

Report: Corn Crop Silking Has Begun

Just like everything else, the crop is now ahead in another growth stage and pollination has begun. Here's a look at USDA's crop condition report.

For the 18 states representing 92% of the corn produced, 5% is no reported as silking - which is more than twice the five-year average. Leaders, for now, are Southern corn areas including Texas (60% silking), Tennessee (47% silking) and North Carolina (30% silking). But the key numbers to look at for the rest of the crop is that condition score.

And the corn crop is slipping lower with 63% reported good to excellent down from 66% last week. Hot states are showing the lowest scores, with Illinois at 52% good to excellent; Indiana at 37% good to excellent and Ohio at 53% good to excellent. Lack of rain in the Eastern Corn Belt is taking its toll.

MOVING AHEAD: Corn slipped in condition, but pollination is starting.

Meanwhile, where rain is falling condition scores are solid. Minnesota boasts 82% of its corn good to excellent; Iowa which is getting some rain has 67% good to excellent ratings; MIchigan comes in at 64% good to excellent.

States rating poor to very poor - Indiana at 24%; Missouri at 21%; Kentucky at 16%; Kansas at 14%; and Illinois at 13%.

Soybeans: About 5% of the soybean crop is blooming now - well ahead of the average for all 18 states in the report. The key is condition where for another week the crop has slipped down to 56% good to excellent, from 60% good to excellent. The crop, which had a first condition report below the trade's expectations, keeps sliding and there's talk of warmer weather ahead.

States with highest poor to very poor ratings - Missouri at 29%; Indiana at 26%; Kansas and Ohio at 15%; Illinois, Kentucky; and Michigan at 14%

Winter Wheat:

About 94% of the crop is headed out, just a bit ahead of average for this time of year; and 48% of the crop has been harvested. As for condition of the remaining crop, the crop has held steady at about 54% - up a tick from last week at 53% good to excellent.

Spring Wheat: About 33% of the spring crop is now headed, and the condition score improved week over week. The crop is now 76% good to excellent, which is on par with a week ago, though the amount of "good" rose to 62% from 59% and "excellent" slipped to 14% from 16%.

Cotton: About 27% of the cotton crop is squaring, which is ahead of the five-year average, and already 5% of the crop is setting bolls just ahead of average for this time of year. Cotton condition is remaining about level at 53% good to excellent, up a bit from last week. The key is that the "excellent" cotton slipped by two percentage points, but "good" rose four percentage points.

Rice: Rice condition is about the same, slipping just one point to 68% good to excellent. About 12% of the crop has headed which is about six times the five-year average.

Sorghum: about 19% of the crop is heading, which is a bit ahead of the five-year average. As for the condition score, the crop has slipped to 47% good to excellent from 49% last week.

Peanuts: This legume is a bright spot on the condition score with 75% of the crop rated good to excellent. About 15% of the crop is pegging, well ahead of the five-year average.

Check out the complete report.

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