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Rent Program Will Likely Pack in People

Rent Program Will Likely Pack in People
First run of program had standing-room only crowd.

With harvest in full swing, it's unusual to schedule a Purdue University Extension meting during the day. But organizers of this meeting are confident they will get a crowd. Combines may continue running, but someone from the farm may take time to attend. Landowners who rent to farmers are also expected to attend.

Howard County Extension educator Paul Marcellino and Cass County Extension educator Tamara Ogle are members of the Purdue Land Lease Team. They have pulled together a power-packed three-hour program that answers many questions about land leasing in general.

Cash rent questions: Many are looking for ways to fine-tune land lease agreements. For example, how can the landowner and tenant work together to tile fields and benefit both parties?

This month's program is October 18, 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. local time at the Justice Building in downtown Warsaw in Kocsiusko County. It is located at 121 N Lake Street . You can get registration information by calling 574-372-2340 or emailing [email protected]. She is the Extension ag educator in the host county.

"The biggest thing farmers and landowners walked away with at our first meeting in September seemed to be that there are advantages to putting land leases in writing," Ogle says. Oral leases with terms up to three years are honored in Indiana. However, Ogle believes putting leases in writing eliminates a lot of possible pitfalls or misunderstandings down the road.

"One thing that both farmers and landowners realize they need to do better is communicate with one another," she says. "If things are in writing it helps in the communication process."

Ogle also believes that the written lease should be recorded in the county recorder's office. You don't have to record it unless it is a lease with a three-year term, but she still believes it is a good idea so all parties know where matters stand.

If you're worried about recording a lease and letting neighbors find out the cash rent, Ogle says that based on advice from an attorney, you can file the lease in such a way that you don't have to disclose details such as the amount of rent paid.

A third program will be held on December 5 in Hendricks County.

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