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#RealPigFarming: A Social Media Movement for Modern Hog Farms

#RealPigFarming: A Social Media Movement for Modern Hog Farms
Pork Checkoff uses farmers and social media to tell the real story behind bacon.

The Pork Checkoff is launching a new social media outreach program that will help show consumers real hog farms with real stories, aiming to create and own the conversation around modern pig farming. 

Choosing to tell the story of #realpigfarming via social networks helps bring consumers and pig farmers together, in a way that was not possible before.  In networks that are powered by images and videos, producers can tell their story in multiple ways, and the #realpigfarming platform allows them a place to come together and do that.

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Owning the Conversation: The Pork Checkoff is putting together a social media campaign – #RealPigFarming – to encourage conversations between hog farmers and consumers regarding questions about the industry.

An elite team of social media 'agvocates' have been selected for this mission called Social Forces.  They are asked to go above and beyond when telling real pig farming stories from their barns on social media.  Sites to check out include Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and producer blogs and vlogs.

This team includes not only producers from more than 10 states, but also animal science and ag university students. Everyone who has a passion for agriculture or a positive story to share about real pig farming is also encouraged to use the hashtag.

The tag is meant to encompass the many ways hogs are raised on farms of all sizes, and that management and care of the animals is key.

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The movement is also about providing a place for consumers' questions to be answered by those who do the work every day.

Join in by visiting and liking the Real Pig Farming Facebook page and following @RealPigFarming on Twitter.

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