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Get Ready for the Cover Crops Field Day

Get Ready for the Cover Crops Field Day
Decatur County hosts field day with keynote speakers and plots.

Here's another reminder that you need to be at Roger Wenning's farm on June 25 if you are serious about working cover crops into your system. Even if you tried them this year and had a few bobbles along the way, here's a chance to hear from experts and talk to other farmers who have experienced the same things you have in the field, yet endured and made the system work.

Wenning is one of the 12 farmers serving as hosts for special plots and tests through the Conservation Cropping Systems Initiative grant program this year. There are also five main hubs used for learning and training. Lisa Holscher coordinates the program.

Plenty to see: Roger Wenning planted these demonstration plots so they would be ready to look at as cover crops during the field day. Dale Mutch will be a keynote speaker.

Expect discussion about the plots on Wenning's farm for the CCSI project during the field day. He is a strip-tiller by nature, but is trying other systems as part of the project. He also believes in twin-row corn, and plants his corn in twin rows with a Great Plains planter. He and his son, Nick, have a twin-row plot with various hybrids planted at different populations.

Dale Mutch, an expert in cover crops as it relates to using them for insect and weed management, will be one of the keynote speakers. He's a Michigan State University professor who advises the Midwest Cover Crops Council and works with cover crops in his research. It is his first time to appear and speak at the field day. He will be on hand to answer any questions farmers might have about improving the system and making it work.

The field day site is located near Greensburg. It will run from 1 to 7 p.m. with an evening meal provided. Call 812-663-8685 to reserve your spot for dinner, or contact your local soil and water conservation district office.

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