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Readers React to 'You know it's wet when'…

Readers React to 'You know it's wet when'…
Thousands of Hoosiers in the same boat.

Readers apparently got a good chuckle out of Monday's item on how to tell if it's a wet spring. It was tongue-in-cheek, meant to keep you laughing until it dries out.

Meanwhile, spotty planting activity has been reported over the weekend in the Lafayette area where showers have been somewhat more hit and miss. However, the CCA reporting the activity cautions farmers not to go too quickly. He suspects some of what's been planted was in good shape, primarily on sandier ground, other may have been one notch removed from mudding it in.

Here are the readers 'You know it's a wet spring it' and a few more for good measure.

• Your animals suddenly developed webbed feet, and you don't raise ducks!

• An old gray bearded man (no relation to Osama bin laden) begins building a huge boat while his sons look for animals.

• Your animals start pairing up two by two on their own.

• The guy who just flew fungicide on your wheat asks if you want him to fly on your seed corn too.

• Your favorite sports announcer says, "News flash! Today's Reds baseball game is NOT rained out- it will be played on time."

• A new seed salesman pulls in your driveway, only he's selling cattails.

• Your local NRCS rep wants to declare your whole farm a wetland (No, that wouldn't be funny!)

• A local amusement company wants to know if they can hold boat races on your 200-acre bottomland field.

• A local reporter calls, asking if you're going to grow your corn with hydroponics this year, like they do at Epcot?

• A 4-H club wants to rent one of your fields for a mud bog contest next week.

Keep smiling, and if you've got better tips it's a wet spring, send them along!

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