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Reader Speaks Out About Education and Election

Reader Speaks Out About Education and Election
Subscriber expresses heart-felt ideas.

A person who has followed Indiana Prairie Farmer and invested much of his life in education has some very outspoken views when it comes to this week's election. But the race he wants to talk about is not governor or president or senator – it's the superintendent of public instruction.

Andy Robertson, Forest, taught at Scottsburg and Clinton Central for 34 years, and now helps student teachers at IU - Kokomo.

Here are excerpts from his letter.

An Indiana Prairie Farmer subscriber expresses heart-felt ideas about education and the election.

"The biggest change to my life and the life of Hoosiers who value education was the election of Tony Bennett. His reign of terror wrapped in the right words and window dressing (leaves) our rural schools struggling to survive. I know because I work with almost 25 of them daily. Their principals are wearing out from the government paperwork, and the best teachers are leaving the profession.

"Another term would give him a chance to expand his power which has been growing unchecked by anyone. I'm not sure how conservative Hoosier taxpayers can condone companies that eliminate the voice of taxpayers, parents, teachers and our children while Bennett gives them free rein to take whatever profit they want without any accountability for what they are doing.

"We're losing control of our local schools to the Indiana Department of Education and Tony Bennett, and with another four years, the small rural schools will look very different, depending upon how many survive forced consolidation or government takeover, eliminating local control.

"This is no longer a political issue considering that Bennett and President Obama's Secretary of Education are both pushing the same agenda.

"Our local teachers, administrators, bus drivers, cooks, and janitors in Clinton County are likely about 85 and Republican, but I doubt if you can find one that is not supporting Glenda Ritz, his opponent. The whole purpose of my writing is to sway at least one voter to consider how they mark their ballot for state school superintendent."

Andy Robertson, Forest

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