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Radiation from Japan has Long Reach

Radiation from Japan has Long Reach

Wire services report trace amounts of radioactive iodine from Japan reaches as far as Massachusetts.

As the nuclear crisis unfolds in Japan, with spikes in radiation in some areas rated at millions of times higher than first thought, worries in the United States continue. Wire services including Reuters, Bloomberg and Fox reported Sunday that radioactive iodine that's been linked to those Japanese power plants was found in rainwater samples gathered in Massachusetts.

The reports note that the levels found are trace levels - and it's a low level of radioiodine-131. The trace levels found are comparable to those in California, Washington state and Pennsylvania and officials report the findings pose not threat to drinking water supplies.

Samples of rainwater are being collected at dozens of locations around the country in an effort to measure potential impact of the crisis. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is monitoring the samples as part of the Radiation Network monitoring program.

The concentrations found so far are low enough that the radioiodine-131 would become undetectable soon. EPA has reported that these findings are hundreds of thousands to millions of times below levels of concern.

Monitoring of the situation will continue.

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