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Protocol Sheet Offers Help for Dairy Producers

Protocol Sheet Offers Help for Dairy Producers

Improving reproductive success is goal of synchronization protocol sheet aimed at dairymen, vets and consultants.

To help veterinarians, consultants and dairy producers more effectively manage reproductive performance on-farm, a group of dairy reproductive experts—including academicians and industry leaders—have come together to create a dairy synchronization protocol sheet. The two-page document outlines established synchronization protocols that may help dairy producers improve on-farm reproductive performance.

"Synchronization protocols evolve rapidly as newer procedures are tested and improvements are made," says Dr. Matthew Lucy, Professor of Animal Sciences at the University of Missouri and President of the Dairy Cattle Reproduction Council.
New technologies have become available in recent years to improve reproductive success. These technologies include improvements to traditional reproductive management (heat detection and A.I.), as well as synchronization, so that all eligible cows are inseminated at a fixed time (timed-A.I. programs). Both approaches demonstrate that a focused effort on reproductive management can increase pregnancy rates, translating to greater reproductive efficiency on the dairy farm.

The protocol sheet is intended to provide a foundation for discussion as veterinarians, consultants and dairy producers work together to make reproductive management decisions; the DCRC does not endorse one protocol over another, nor does DCRC endorse synchronization protocols over any of the other approaches to dairy cattle reproduction. The protocol sheet will be reviewed annually by representatives from the DCRC. New protocols will be included when they are validated in controlled studies.

To access the synchronization protocol sheet, visit

Sub-optimal reproductive performance in the nation's dairy industry has prompted leading industry stakeholders to be proactive in tackling this issue head-on. Academicians who focus on reproduction and allied industries that support the dairy industry joined forces to create the Dairy Cattle Reproduction Council to raise the level of knowledge on issues critical to enhanced reproductive performance.
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